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My new piece of gl-ass (ha) the second perc looks like a single branched tree inside of a matrix? Help me out


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

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Vincent Van Gogh, white roses x Playful Promises, eva pin lingerie 

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I just bought the most beautiful bong ever in Venice

Honey comb perk and they guy who sold it to me, made it


People go like “you can’t force diversity” as if the racial hegemony and absolute heterosexuality in media happened naturally and wasn’t carefully constructed and heavily forced by a white supremacist agenda and society’s obsession with hetero normativity 

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Kees van Dongen (Dutch 1877-1968)
Portrait de femme
oil on canvas 61 x 49.5 cm

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Everyone monkey knows to stay in your fucking tree


The Shining, room 237

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Babies are strapped into airplane seats enroute to LAX during “Operation Babylift” with airlifted orphans from Vietnam to the US. April 12, 1975.

This looks dangerous as fuck 😒

ikr? I was thinking how they would not have been secure if the plane crashed only to find out that one of the planes in the operation did crash.


Most of the babies taken to the United States by “Operation Babylift” were not orphans in the first place; they were children from refugee camps who were fraudulently designated as orphans by American relief workers — most of them with religious affiliations — who believed they’d be “better off” being raised by white Americans.

Operation Reunite is an amazing nonprofit run by Babylift victims which seeks to use DNA testing to find and reconnect with their real families back home in Vietnam.

So basically look at this photo of kidnapped babies.

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Is it weird that I want my brother to dj at a strip club?

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Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning on the set of Uptown Girls2002


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Dolly Parton onstage, 1970

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